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Gabriel Rockhill opens new area for rethinking the connection among artwork and politics. instead of figuring out the 2 spheres as separated by way of an insurmountable divide or associated via a privileged bridge, Rockhill demonstrates that paintings and politics will not be fastened entities with a novel relation yet really dynamically negotiated, sociohistorical practices with moving and obscure borders.

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This ability can only be used once per round. This feat does not work on creatures more than two size categories larger than you. Leveraged Throw [General] You are good at using an opponent’s power against them. Prerequisites: Improved Unarmed Strike Benefits: Whenever you make a readied trip attack triggered by a melee attack against you, and your opponent has a higher Strength score than you, you may use their Strength score for the opposed roll instead of your own. Your opponent must use their Dexterity score to oppose this trip attack, and may not attempt to trip you if your attempt fails.

Unarmed dmg 1d6, Surge 1/day, +1AC feat, Uncanny dodge (Dex bonus to AC) Finish Move +1d6, +2AC Martial Secret, feat, unarmed dmg 1d8 Rage 2/day Iron Palm feat, Uncanny Dodge (cannot be flanked) Bonus Feat feat, Finish Move +2d6, unarmed dmg 1d10, +3AC Martial Secret feat, Rage 3/day Surge 2/day Bonus Feat, feat, unarmed dmg 1d12 Uncanny Dodge (+1 against traps) Finish Move +3d6, +4AC Beyond Monks – The Art of the Fight for Divine Grace and as an interesting character concept. To gain higher-level spells faster, you could make one up as a wizard or specialist wizard, or even use another spellcasting class as a cleric, bard or druid.

Your critical multiplier can never be increased to more than x4 with this feat. Tiger’s Claw [Style Mastery] You combine knife attacks with punishing kicks. Benefits: If you use the full attack action to make more than one attack in a round with a dagger, you may make one extra unarmed strike; a kicking attack, at your base attack bonus. If you use the full attack action to make more than one unarmed strike in a round, and they are all kicking attacks, you may make one extra attack with a dagger at your base attack bonus.

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