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The doctrine of theosis skill a salvation that's the deification of the kept. The kept truly turn into God. This strange doctrine lies on the center of Nicholas of Cusa's (1401-1464) mystical metaphysics. it really is right here tested for the 1st time as a topic in its personal correct, besides its implications for Cusanus's doctrine of God, his theological anthropology, and his epistemology. Nancy Hudson opens her ebook with a ancient creation of the time period "theosis" from its roots within the Greek fathers (Gregory of Nyssa and Maximus the Confessor) to its mature improvement in Pseudo-Dionysius. The interdependent activities of divine self-manifestation and divine secret, immanence and transcendence, are provided because the dynamic nexus out of which theosis arises. Divine self-manifestation is explored as either a prerequisite and a method of theosis. The unfavourable theology that effects from divine secret highlights the restrictions of human cause in addition to the human mind's power for being clone of God. The Christological personality of theosis is located in Nicholas of Cusa's doctrine of Christ as the be aware of God, his figuring out of the ascent of the mind to divine knowledge, and his proposal of divine sonship. Nicholas of Cusa's emphasis on the mind in salvation is debatable since it looks to privilege the brain over the physique, undermine the goodness of production, and forget about the position of repentance from sin in salvation. briefly, Nicholas of Cusa's doctrine of theosis finds the powerful effect of Greek philosophy. At factor is his orthodoxy and no matter if he replaces Christian doctrine with Greek suggestion, whereas conserving in simple terms the language of Christian theology. The thorough research of theosis during this e-book finds that Nicholas of Cusa does certainly persist with culture, although it is the culture of the jap church.

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Theosis in the gre e k tradition pate in God in their very being because God has communicated to them the divine attributes of being, eternal being, well-being (which is wisdom), and goodness. The first two attributes constitute the image of God. The latter two are the likeness. Behind this dichotomy between the presence of God about which we can speak and the silence in which God resides is the Dionysian cataphatic-apophatic dynamic. The God who manifests is also inscrutable, beyond knowledge and participation.

23 In other words, Gregory’s understanding of creation leads him to postulate epectasis as demanded by the natural order, rather than as a consequence of biblical declaration. 24 Eventually, all things, no matter the direction in which they are moving, will emerge from the shadow of evil into the endless light of divine goodness. In contrast to Origen, the human soul cannot be isolated from the body, and the created cosmos is not something to be transcended in redemption. ” MM XXIII 3, 413. But neither can we conclude that God is material, nor that he imported something external to himself when he created the world.

In The Mystagogia, the crucial distinction between God and creatures is their differing modes of existence. More than just a matter of being caused or uncaused, created existence differs from divine existence because the latter is inscrutable. Since the divine infinity is impenetrable, the altar that is the point of contact between God and man is the silent mind. Maximus elaborates on the relationship between reason and mystical silence: When he uses the power of reason to contemplate nature, he offers to God purely as if his soul were a sanctuary, the ideas drawn from sense perception circumcised in the spirit from matter.

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