By Richard Stillwell, Robert L. Scranton, Sarah Elizabeth Freeman

The interrelated structures round the "Agora" of old Corinth are the focal point of this examine. The e-book includes reports of the Peribolos of Apollo (Richard Stillwell and H. Ess Askew), the Facade of the enormous Figures (Richard Stillwell), the Northwest Stoa and retailers (Richard Stillwell), Temple C and the Sanctuary of Hera Akraia (Robert L. Scranton), and Temple E (Sarah Elizabeth Freeman).

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Between the basin and the Peirene drain, north of the basin spout, there were two other water conduits probably of the same period, the sixth and fifth centuries; they were covered over again by the excavators. To the mouth in the wall of the drain, one brought water from the west, the other from the southwest. The former was nothing more than a shallow cutting in the stones. 11 m. 12 m. deep, covered with stucco. As the Peirene drain determined the nature of the construction on the surface, so also it determinedthe building of the many branch drains and channels which were dug through the area.

I- : ~. isi:. " j~':i' 'i",'; - i ~'' :n:") \ i He- ;*: :: : : ---:. : -- Fig. 27. Ionic Capital from the Order of the Marble Peribolos : : (Scale CORINTH 44 difference is shown in Fig. 25, where the frieze of one is slightly S-shaped, and the same element of the other is flat, with an apophyge at top and bottom. For an inscribed frieze this flatness would be more desirable, since any exaggeration of the S curve would tend to distort the letters. All the inscribed blocks have on their soffits a narrow panel ending in an incurve.

The side walls of the area are also cut in earth, and were roughly plastered and faced carelessly with coarse tiles. 58 m. 00 m. from the south end. Several coins of the fourth century after Christ came from the fill, and the late date of the hypocaust seems to be confirmedby the fact that the layer of limestone chips from the working of the stylobate of the marble period has been cut through in order to dig the oven. Many lumps of bronze were found in the fill, such as would be formed by metal flowing into forms and spilling over, and it seems possible that we have here a recrudescenceof the bronze-working industry that marked the earliest Roman use of this area.

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