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This new, fourth, version of Allen's vintage Astrophysical amounts belongs on each astronomer's bookshelf. it's been completely revised and taken modern through a staff of greater than 90 across the world popular astronomers and astrophysicists. whereas it follows the fundamental structure of the unique, this imperative reference has grown to greater than two times the scale of the sooner variations to deal with the good strides made in astronomy and astrophysics. It contains particular tables of the newest facts on: - normal constants and devices - Atoms, molecules, and spectra - Observational astronomy in any respect wavelengths from radio to gamma-rays, and neutrinos - Planetary astronomy: Earth, planets and satellites, and sunlight procedure small our bodies - The solar, basic stars, and stars with specified features - Stellar populations - Cataclysmic and symbiotic variables, supernovae - Theoretical stellar evolution - Circumstellar and interstellar fabric - superstar clusters, galaxies, quasars, and energetic galactic nuclei - Clusters and teams of galaxies - Cosmology. in addition to a lot explanatory fabric and large and updated bibliographies.

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Electric and Quantity SI symbol and unit Charge Q coulombC = c x 10- 1 esu Current I ampere A = c x 10- 1 esu Potential, EMF V volt V = (l/c) x 10- 12 esu Electric field £ volt/m = (l/c) x 1O- 14esu Resistance R ohmQ = (l/c 2 ) x 109 esu Resistivity p ohmm = (l/c 2 ) x 10- 11 esu Conductance G siemens, mho = c 2 x 10-9 esu Conductivity a mho/m = c 2 x 10- 11 esu Capitance C farad F = c 2 x 10-9 em Electric flux \11 coulombC = 4rrc x 10- 1 esu Electric flux density, displacement D coulomb/m2 = 4rrc x 10-5 esu Polarization P coulomb/m2 = c x 10-5 esu coulomb/m = c x 10 1 esu Electric dipole moment in esu Permittivity, dielectric constant E farad/m = 4rrc 2 x 10- 11 esu Permittivity of free space EO (1/4rrc 2 ) x 1011 F/m = 1 esu Inductance L henry H = (l/c 2 ) x 109 esu Magnetic pole strength m weberWb = (l/4rrc) x 108 esu Magnetic flux weberWb = (l/c) x 108 esu Magnetic field 1i ampere turn/m = 4rrc x 10-3 esu Magnetomotive force, magnetic potential :F ampere turn AT = 4rrc x 10- 1 esu Magnetic dipole moment M weberm = (l/4rrc) x 10 10 esu Electromagnetic moment m ampere m 2 Mag.

1993, J. Phys. Chem. Ref Data, 22,1179 (011) 8. , & Zalubas, R. 1981, J. Phys. Chem. Ref Data, 10, 153 (Na I-XI) 9. , & Zalubas, R. 1980, J. Phys. Chem. Ref Data, 9, 1 (Mg I-XII) 10. , & Zalubas, R. 1979, J. Phys. Chem. Ref Data, 8,817 (AI I-XIII) 11. , & Zalubas, R. 1983, J. Phys. Chem. Ref Data, 12, 323 (Si I-XIV) 12. , & Musgrove, A. 1985, J. Phys. Chern. Ref Data, 14, 751 (PI-XV) 13. C. , & Musgrove, A. 1990, J. Phys. Chem. Ref Data, 19, 821 (S I-xvI) 14. , & Corliss, C. 1985, J. Phys. Chem.

UTO is the uncorrected observed rotational time scale derived from observation of sidereal time at a particular station. When this time scale is corrected for the shift in longitudes caused by polar motion, it is designated UTI. oUT" is used without qualification. Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the time scale distributed by radio signals, satellites, communication media, as the basis for civil time keeping around the world. 9 second of UTI by the introduction of leap seconds. UTC differs from TAl by an integer number of seconds, which difference changes when leap seconds are introduced.

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