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A entire guidebook to city exploration, an exhilarating, mind-expanding pastime that encourages our natural tendencies to discover and play in our personal setting. comprises every thing you want to start exploring little-known city areas like deserted structures, rooftops, building websites, drains, transit and application tunnels and extra. gains chapters on

* training
* recruiting
* preparation
* equipping
* social engineering

and different matters very important to the profitable city explorer.

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If you stroll right up to the security desk and politely but confidently ask how to get to the conference level, they don't need to stop you and ask you if you work there or if they can help you. You obviously know what you're doing, and they know how to give you what you want. Playing Dumb While the old saying about how ignorance of the law is no excuse is completely ludicrous, considering how many thousands of irrational and non-intuitive laws there are and how frequently and arbitrarily they're changed, cops and security guards really, really take that saying to heart.

Rugs and carpets can also be good, provided they aren't resting atop creaky wooden floors. When you're dealing with a creaky floor, try to find the part of the floor that creaks the least - generally, floors and stairs are most secure near the walls and in the spots above floor joists (that is, where the rows of nails are). You move more quietly when your muscles are relaxed, so try to move fluidly and use all your joints. Wear shoes with soft soles if you're able. Try not to cough or sneeze. Pay attention to air vents that might carry your voice elsewhere.

Teenagers asking for directions at a concierge or a security desk are much more likely to be treated with suspicion. A group of explorers in their late 20s and early 30s, conversely, has a much easier time walking through hotels, convention centres, office buildings and most other occupied spaces without being noticed, because people are much quicker to assume that adults are somewhere on business - which is widely perceived to be the only legitimate reason to be anywhere - and to know what they're doing.

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